Wednesday, December 31, 2008

This is the babies' closet, mostly courtesy of Grandma MonkeyMama (my mom). See the little package at the top? She already got us newborn diapers! It was really cute to see MonkeyPapa marvel at how tiny they are. 19 days till we find out the sexes! I can't wait. When we find out, I am immediately adding these to the closet:

17 weeks 2 days

Monday, December 29, 2008

So they don't like Egg McMuffins

The monkeys have made themselves comfortable in their little under the sea adventure. In the past week it seems like they've grown a lot (couldn't be all that Christmas food, could it?) because I have popped. AND there is less room for food in my stomach (do you hear that monkeys? there is only so much I can eat!) so this morning's Egg McMuffin, designed to give them some protein, is now feeling like a piece of hangover pizza. I apologize in advance all of my coworkers for any rejection this McMuffin may experience at the hands of my little parasites.

In better news, I felt flutters for the first time Christmas night! Merry Christmas to me from the monkeys :o)

17 weeks today

Monday, December 22, 2008

16 week photos

We went to the doctor today and the monkeys are doing fine! The doctor did a quick ultrasound to check their heartbeats (she wasn't sure she'd find both on the doppler) so we got a couple of pictures.

Four weeks from today we'll find out the sexes! I can't wait to know what they are. I've already picked up paint chips from the hardware store so we'll be ready. Luckily, the day we find out is Martin Luther King, Jr. Day so we'll be off from work and ready to shop and get started on the nursery.

16 weeks