Thursday, February 19, 2009

Another milestone and furniture!

Today is 4 weeks since surgery and Jackson is kicking away to celebrate! When we had surgery the doctor told us that there were certain milestones: 24 hours, 1 week, and 4 weeks after surgery. I am not sure if that means he's more out of the woods now but I am so grateful we've made it this far. I have told Jackson he is to stay in his room until I tell him he can come out but I'm sure like any other kid he won't listen. I just hope he stays in long enough to where he's healthy when he's out.

We are also getting his furniture today! The crib arrived last week and the UPS guy (who is probably now deaf like I am from all the dog barking) just dropped off our dresser. And MonkeyPapa is picking up the glider and ottoman from Babies R Us on his way home today. Now if we can just get him to clear the gym equipment out of Jackson's room I can start working on the walls, cleaning the carpet, etc. so we can transform it into a calm baby sanctuary.

24 weeks 2 days

Monday, February 9, 2009

2 week post-surgery checkup and feeling movement!

Jackson still looks great according to the specialist on Friday at our two week post-surgery ultrasound. And he's moving like crazy now, which is really cool. At the appointment he was stretched out from the top of my cervix to the top of my belly (he likes his room) and I feel kicks really high.

MonkeyPapa has gotten to feel him kick too! And we can see the big kicks from the outside too. This is really awesome.

22 weeks 6 days

Thursday, February 5, 2009

Finally got to shop for Jackson!

We had planned to shop for the boys when we found out the sexes, but instead we got bad news and spent the entire week in & out of doctors' offices and the hospital.

Today we finally got to go shopping and it was so much fun. Luckily I knew exactly what I wanted (because I'm not supposed to be doing all that much). It was so much fun to buy the first things for him since we found out that he was a boy!

Here are a few things we got:

We also got his first pair of jeans and a couple of Dallas Mavericks outfits since his dad is such a crazy fan. I have to take pictures of them - they are so cute.

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

A couple more pictures of Jackson

These are pictures from surgery of Jackson's little feet and his face and hand. I know they may be hard to make out the first time you see them.

He's been moving around every day where I can feel him! When we watch him on the ultrasound he never holds still, so it's nice to feel that now. He's a little bigger than average 21/22 weekers but that may be due to the disease, or because he's a twin (they tend to grow faster in the beginning).

22 weeks today!