Tuesday, January 20, 2009

And now for the bad news

The OB discovered at our 20 week appointment that the boys have twin-to-twin transfusion syndrome.

Here's a shortened explanation from the Texas Fetal Center:

What is Twin-Twin Transfusion Syndrome and how does one get it?
In TTTS, the smaller twin (often called the donor twin) does not get enough blood while the larger twin (often called the recipient twin) becomes overloaded with too much blood.

In an attempt to reduce its blood volume, the recipient twin will increase the urine it makes. This will eventually result in the twin having a very large bladder on ultrasound, as well as too much amniotic fluid around this twin. This is known as polyhydramnios.

At the same time, the donor twin will produce less than the usual amount of urine. The amniotic fluid around the donor twin will become very low or absent. This is known as oligohydramnios.

As the disease progresses, the donor will produce so little urine that its bladder may not be seen on ultrasound. The twin will become wrapped by its amniotic membrane (known as a “stuck” twin). Often the polyhydramnios of the recipient twin is the first thing noticed by the patient due a sudden increase in the size of the uterus. Clothes may become tight fitting over a short period of time. At other times the differences in the amniotic fluid volumes between the twins is only noted at the time of a routine ultrasound.

Our OB immediately made us an appointment with a maternal fetal medicine specialist, who we saw today. The babies have about 30% difference in weight and the donor baby - the one who is smaller - has almost no amniotic fluid.

We'll be meeting with a super specialist who can do a laser surgery that can potentially correct the problem on Thursday morning in Houston. If he says I am a candidate for the laser surgery (I think the criteria has something to do with the amount of fluid in each baby's sac), I will have surgery that day and be in the hospital probably until Saturday.

We'll keep updating the blog as we find out more info. Tomorrow I will try to post some of the pictures from today's specialist visit - the babies look like Skeletor in some of the pictures!


Andrea said...

Hey PaisleyDuke! TCBride here!

Just had to let you know I'm praying for you and I hope everything turns our alright with your little beans!

I love the "goods" shot too by the way. We have almost the exact same shot from our first son! I can't even picture hearing we might have a girl and not have a for sure picture like that, hahaha!

Oh and also wanted to say I saw your nursery pic. What an awesome idea! Love it! Do you think you'll have the bedding made or are you one of those awesome crafty moms-to-be? I'm jealous, I always wanted custome bedding made! Well good luck and my family will be thinking about you!


fah said...

I really hope everything works out well with the specialist. Keep us updated and we'll be thinkin' about you and the boys - oh, and T too. Can't forget him! Plus it's national hug day, I'm now squeezing your belly that I've yet to see pictures of.

Ashley said...

Lauren..... I am thinking about you and love you. Can't wait to meet those boys!