Friday, June 19, 2009

My little monkey all wrapped up

I've been meaning to post these photos for about 2 weeks. Little monkey has chubbed up some since these were taken!

Jack's started nursing, which is great and a lot easier for me. He seems to like it too. He loves to shoot me the finger while he's doing it though!

He's smiled a few times and has started getting tears when he cries. He likes for us to hold him up on our shoulder rather than cradled like a baby and loves to look around the house and outside at the trees. He usually has a fussy time at night and I think it's because he's pretty gassy, poor thing.

He hates having his diaper or his clothes changed and HATES baths, but he doesn't mind the bath if he's in the tub with me.

Paisley the dog has started to lick him and Maverick the dog doesn't mind when I lay Jack on him :o) One day I'm sure they'll take naps together. Jack has taken naps in his pack & play in the living room and I think part of the reason he's done well is because Maverick the Great Dane is napping and breathing loudly right next to him.

Jack will be two months old tomorrow! Time flies.

p.s. for some reason the post is dated June 19th - guess that's when I started it! Posted July 1st.
p.p.s. so I don't forget the cat - Polo the cat could care less that's there's a baby in the house :o)






Jackson is 8 weeks and 4 days old


Barb said...

Wow, he's changed SO much! What a cute little guy you have :)

fah said...

He's getting big! Such a cutie!

Ethel said...

He is so gorgeous--I just love the cocoon photos!