Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Chunky like a linebacker

Jack is 14 pounds! His double chin keeps growing which is just lovely. No more skinny baby for us!

These pictures were taken when he was 13 pounds. He keeps me too busy to blog.

His girlfriend Miss Gloworm has saved our sanity more than once.


And, Tuesday (now last last Tuesday, the...hmm, sometime mid September) he had his first belly laugh. He's been giggling for a while - the ha, maybe a ha ha, but Tuesday afternoon he had a real laugh. Seems "pee-u, stinky toes!" is quite funny. (How does a kid who doesn't walk get such stinky feet?)

Yes, this is a Christmas outfit, but it fits now.


Mmm, yummy jacket.


Can't remember what else I was going to put in here when I started this post over a week ago. Will have to finish up later, and post his 5 month pictures tonight, because right now it is COWBOY GAME TIME in my house and that means that Travis is busy. :o)

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Ashley said...

Oh my gosh, stinky feet works for us too. She thinks its sooo funny! I agree. Not sure what she does to get stinky feet. She doesn't quite walk yet. Love love love love love the last two pics. So cute! I can't find Luci's glow worm. I'm not happy.