Wednesday, December 30, 2009

7 months

Jack is almost 8 months so here are his 7 month pictures...taken at probably 7.75 months. I'm so fashionably late.






Jack said mama a couple of times this month, but I think it was probably a fluke. He loves his food, especially turkey and prunes (yuck) and sweet potatoes. No crawling yet - he's a lazy little bugger who doesn't like to be on his tummy too long, but he's liking it more and more.

He's a champion sitter though, and loves to play with his toys. His favorites are the disconnected computer keyboard we have on the floor. Yes, he has real toys, but of course he wants that and the remote.

He's got the best smile and laugh. He's so much fun and the dogs (especially Paisley) appreciate that he is starting to throw food on the floor.


Faith said...

He looks so chunky!

Jodie, Geoff, Zackary, Brycen, Cameron and angel Cole said...

I just found your blog while searching for other stories on blogs of twins like here and one above due to TTTS. We lost our angel just over a year ago after surgery and delivered them in Feb at 34 weeks after my water broke 8 weeks prior.
I am so glad your little monkey is doing so well and look forward to hearing updates.
Feel free to check out my blog or contact me at

Ethel said...

He does have the best smile and the sweetest laugh--he makes my heart smile. I love you Jackson!