Tuesday, October 14, 2008

MonkeyPapa in Da House!

Well, I thought I would show my face around here so Monkeymama doesn't tell too many fibs about me. I'm really excited about the monkey growing in Monkeymama's belly, even if it has made her a bit more whiny than usual. :o) I'm quickly learning that my evenings for the next several months are going to consist of MonkeyMama continually bombarding me with potential names for a girl (we already have the boy name picked). For some reason, MonkeyMama is obsessed with names that end in "a" or "y". My first choice was Gertrude, but she wouldn't go for it. Oh well.

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Monica the Bride said...

Yay for MonkeyPapa! You better keep posting MonkeyPapa and keep MonkeyMama happy, please. :o)