Wednesday, October 8, 2008

So, about this eating healthy.

I have THREE pregnancy books - one about nothing but what to eat. I am overwhelmed with information! They basically say to me: eat healthy or your tiny fetus will suffer and you will be a terrible parasite host - I mean mother.

Couldn't someone make it easier? I mean, Tim Gunn gave women the sweatsuit alternative (in his 10 essentials). Can't there be a Whataburger for lunch alternative clearly spelled out somewhere?

Last night's dinner exhausted me. I was chewing for over 20 minutes! I don't want to see broccoli or cauliflower ever again, and sadly, there's 6 more pounds of that veggie mix in my freezer. Tonight I may make my healthy dinner, put it in the blender, and drink it through a straw. Thank goodness I don't have any nausea (yet). Thanks for that, monkey. Keep up the good work and I will let you eat candy anytime you want once you're here.

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