Saturday, April 4, 2009

Is this what they call nesting?

I am so tired. So, so tired, and sleepy. But I can't lay down and take a nap, or go to bed. I have to get baby stuff organized and clean. It's like a compulsion. I wonder if they've compared the brains of nesting pregnant women and sufferers of OCD?

Baby laundry all inventoried and ready to wash

Diaper drawer

Blanket/sheet drawer

I had to take this picture to convince my mom that Jack doesn't need any more stuffed monkeys!

Yes, I inventoried everything. I'm a bit obsessive like that. BUT - I discovered that I have 18 bibs. Who needs 18 bibs? And get this - I did not buy one of them (Jack has his grandmas to thank for the drool rags).

The nursery is set up but I need to hang the 6 foot giraffe on the wall, hang the monkey sign, and the mobile before I post pictures. Oh, and mom and I just discovered this room on Rate My Space, and are now obsessed with hanging a monkey from a tree branch.


Ashley said...

First, I love that room you found. I would so do that if I ever have a boy. Second, you look like me with all that laundry. Third, 18 bibs is nothing. I have 42 and I use most of them. I use at least 3 a day. When you went through everything, did you find anything you don't have? Let me know?

Monica the Bride said...

That room is so nice. We must brainstorm on the tree thing. Must.