Saturday, May 9, 2009

Jackson is one week old today

I am going to cry. I can't say he's gotten so big because he just hit his 'going home from the hospital' weight after days of losses/stable weight (we've been to the doctor four - yes four times - this week to check jaundice and weight).

He celebrated his one week birthday by projectile pooping on me. Am I officially initiated into the mommy club? Especially since I haven't even changed the pajamas he pooped on yet and that was...hours (not gonna say how many) ago?

The dogs are doing great with him. Can't show these to my mother, she'd freak.


Ashley said...

Aww... I love how good Mav and Pais are with him. Mav looks like a giant next to him. So cute!

You are offically inducted! I love the new pics and his funny faces.

I love him to faces!

Monica the Bride said...

The dogs are so good! I love these pictures. I think it's official, too. Happy 1 week birthday Jack!

Ashley said...

hahaha! That was meant to say, I love him to pieces....oh wow.