Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Photos of the munchkin monkey

I may be biased, but he is the cutest baby ever.

Sleeping with his hands behind his head

You can't tell from this pic, but he's got serious orangutan toes. Like, keep him away from a tree branch or he might swing away.

Little guy on his changing pad.

On a throw pillow - he looks so tiny


Little Wonders said...

Just jumping over real quick to say congrats on your beautiful, beautiful baby boy. I know you guys have been through a lot ... but I am so thankful with you for a strong, healthy baby boy.

Heather said...

Just wanted to say Congratulations on your handsome baby boy! He is perfect!

fah said...

He looks so tiny on that pillow and his changing pad. Boy's got some feet and a bunch of hair though! He looks like he's got some personality too. Just make sure T doesn't raise him to be a Mavs fan. :)

Ashley said...

Loving the pic of the feet. I know what you mean, Luci has the longest toes. Don't worry, every mama thinks her little one is the cutest thing in the world. I am pretty biased myself. hehe!

Monica the Bride said...

I love the pic of him on his changing pad. His feet are adorable.

Ashley said...

I had to come back and check out my future son in law. He's just too cute. My Mom thinks he's quite perfect!